MPhil + DPhil in Economics




In 2021, the Department of Economics launched an integrated DPhil (PhD) in Economics. This programme is intended for applicants who already have substantial training in Economics. Students admitted to the joint MPhil + DPhil in Economic first complete the two-year MPhil in Economics and then progress to the three- to four-year DPhil in Economics. The structure of the MPhil + DPhil programme is similar to that of the integrated five-year PhD (sometimes called MRes-PhD) at leading economics graduate schools worldwide. The department expects to fund all admitted MPhil-DPhil students for the two years of the MPhil, as well as three years of the DPhil, through a combination of bursaries and teaching assistantships.

Students who have experience in graduate work in economics or related fields, or for example have completed the MSc in Economics for Development may wish to apply directly to the DPhil in Economics. 

MPhil + DPhil students will join one or more of the department's research groups, becoming part of a vibrant educational research community with an active set of doctoral student-led events, seminars and conferences. You will have opportunities to present your work at a variety of seminars and sessions in the department.

Students who enter the MPhil-DPhil programme will be expected to take more of the Advanced MPhil courses. Further information about the content of each of these courses can be found below.




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