DPhil in Economics



Oxford has a thriving group of research students studying towards the award of a DPhil in Economics. The DPhil is the name Oxford gives to its doctoral degree rather than the more familiar name PhD used in most other universities.

In joining the Department of Economics, you will join one or more of the department's research groups, becoming part of a vibrant educational research community with an active set of doctoral student-led events, seminars and conferences. You will also have opportunities to present your work at a variety of seminars and sessions in the department.

Full information about the DPhil in Economics, including how to apply can be found here.

The department has started a joint MPhil-DPhil programme, admitting the first students for a start in October 2021.

We have a large and active community of DPhil (PhD) students undertaking research in across all fields of economics. Please see the latest results from our DPhil programme below

Completion Rates: 117 completed between Jan 2014 and July 2020

Outstanding Publications of PhD Thesis Chapters:
• American Economic Review: Bilicka (2019), Roth (2018), Adams-Prassl (2014),
Sankjohanser (2020)
• Journal of Political Economy: Gola (2020)
• Journal of the European Economic Association: Singh (2020)
• Economic Journal: Herresthal (2020), Franklin (2018)
• Review of Economics and Statistics: Paul (2020), Bakker (2019), Roth (2019)
• Journal of Monetary Economics: Moran (2018)
Student Satisfaction: A survey of our PhD students was undertaken as part of our 2018 Athena Swan application. The positive conclusion was that over 80% were satisfied with their academic supervision. In response to qualitative feedback, the Department moved to integrate PhD students much more closely into research groups and provide additional research support.
Job Placement: From a total of 163 postdocs and PhDs:
• 78 to Assistant Professors
• 43 to Post-doctoral positions
• 27 to World Bank / IMF and Central Banks.
• 15 others
Academic positions outside the UK: MIT Sloan, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Northwestern (Kellogg),
Michigan State, Duke, UC Irvine, Toulouse, Bocconi; and within the UK: Birkbeck, Bristol,
Cambridge, Glasgow, Imperial, LSE, Manchester, Queen Mary, Surrey, UCL, Warwick, York.