MPhil in Economics



The MPhil in Economics provides rigorous training in economic theory, applied economics, and econometric theory and methods. It is comparable to the first two years of a PhD programme at a good US university.

The MPhil provides a solid foundation for progressing to doctoral research, while at the same time providing the advanced knowledge and skills required for a career as a professional economist in government or the private sector. Numerous MPhil graduates have gone on to distinguished careers in economics or related fields. This is the course recommended if you have not undertaken any previous graduate work in economics

The MPhil has been developed to enable students to easily tailor the course to their specific needs and objectives. For those already intending to progress to a DPhil at Oxford or a PhD elsewhere, the MPhil will offer rigour and exposure to the research frontier. For those intending a career as a professional economist, the MPhil will offer a broad range of options and opportunities for skill development. And for those unsure about further study beyond the masters’ level, the two years of the MPhil programme will allow you to make this choice after learning more about what graduate economic training involves.


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