25th Anniversary Celebration

Join us as we celebrate 25 years of the Department of Economics.


We would be delighted if you are able to join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Department of Economics on 19th June. This will be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with alumni, faculty and friends who have been an integral part of our department’s journey.

The event will commence with an address from the Head of Department, Hamish Low, followed by a Plenary Lecture delivered by Professor Rohini Pande (Yale University) titled “A Woman’s Work is Never Done – How Gender Norms Enable Labor Coercion, Inside and Outside the Home”. After which, we warmly invite you to join us for a drinks reception.

The celebration will follow-on from the “Gender at Work” Jamboree Session, which will feature a thought-provoking Keynote Lecture from Professor Oriana Bandiera (LSE, STICERD). For additional details, please visit Research Jamboree 2024.


Location: Cohen Quad, Oxford
Date: Wednesday 19th June 2024
Time: 17:00 – 19:30
RSVP: Please see the appropriate sign-up links on this page


We invite interested parties to sponsor this event. Please contact events@economics.ox.ac.uk if you’re interested in doing so.




Professor Rohini Pande

Yale University, Henry J. Heinz II Professor of Economics

Director of the Economic Growth Center, Yale University


Rohini Pande is the Henry J. Heinz II Professor of Economics and Director of the Economic Growth Center, Yale University.

Pande’s research is largely focused on how formal and informal institutions shape power relationships and patterns of economic political, and environmental advantage in society, particularly in developing countries. She is interested in the role of public policy in providing the poor and disadvantaged political and economic power, and how notions of economic justice and human rights can help justify and enable such change.

Her most recent work focuses on testing innovative ways to make the state more accountable to its citizens, such as strengthening women’s economic and political opportunities, ensuring that environmental regulations reduce harmful emissions, and providing citizens effective means to voice their demand for state services.

In 2018, Pande received the Carolyn Bell Shaw Award from the American Economic Association for promoting the success of women in the economics profession. She is the co-chair of the Political Economy and Government Group at Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), a Board member of Bureau of Research on Economic Development (BREAD) and a former co-editor of The Review of Economics and Statistics. Before coming to Yale, Pande was the Rafik Harriri Professor of International Political Economy at Harvard Kennedy School, where she co-founded Evidence for Policy Design.

Pande received a PhD in economics from London School of Economics, a BA/MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and a BA in Economics from Delhi University.