Bullying and Harassment Prevention


In the Department of Economics, we are committed to establishing an inclusive and supportive culture in which all staff and students feel welcomed, accepted and given a voice, irrespective of individual and group differences.  

The Department does not tolerate any form of harassment or victimisation and expects all members of our community and its visitors to treat each other with respect, courtesy and consideration, adhering to the University of Oxford’s policy on Bullying and Harassment.  

Our Department code of conduct sets out the standard of behaviour and good practice expected from our community.

Find advice on the support available and how to report an incident of bullying or harassment on the Department's SharePoint (SSO required) including how to contact our department Harassment Advisors.  

Who to speak to

If you're experiencing bullying or harassment, or have witnessed an incident where you think they have taken place, please speak to someone early so we can resolve the problem. 

One option available to you is to speak to Tom Mills who is the Department Welfare Contact. Tom is the point of contact in the department for any student welfare concerns and he will be able to signpost students to the most appropriate support. To get in touch please email Tom on student.welfare@economics.ox.ac.uk

Another option available to you is to speak confidentially to one of the Department’s Harassment Advisors:  

You also have the option to speak to someone outside of the Department if you prefer, details available in the information held on the Department's SharePoint page.

Bystander Intervention

We each have a responsibility to create a working environment where everyone feels equally valued and bystander intervention is a vital component in tackling bullying and harassment.