Dieter Helm awarded knighthood for services to the environment, energy and utilities policy

Professor of Economic Policy, Dieter Helm CBE, has expressed his ‘great honour’ at being appointed Knight Bachelor in the New Year 2021 Honours List.

‘The recognition of a lifetime of work on public policy is a great honour,’ said Professor Helm. ‘Oxford has given me the freedom to pursue my wider public policy interests in a way that few other institutions would have tolerated.’

As well as providing advice to UK and European governments for many years, Professor Helm has been Official Fellow in Economics at New College, Oxford since the 1980s.

Professor Helm’s extensive work with governments has influenced far-reaching positive change on environment and energy policy. He explained: ‘Over the last decade I have being working on the 25 Year Environment Plan which is now being integrated into the Environmental Bill going through Parliament. I also wrote the Cost of Energy Review, which is now being reflected in the Energy White Paper. These are examples of the intersection between academic research, government and business, which is not only the area that interests me most, but where there is a chance to make things happen.’