Department of Economics adopts ‘Progress Pride’ logo

The Department of Economics today demonstrates our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion by formally adopting the ‘Progress Pride’ flag as part of our official logo. 

Our intention is to create an inclusive environment in which everyone can thrive and fulfil their full potential, and we have taken the decision to make this explicit in our visual branding.  

We aim to represent marginalised groups in the broadest sense possible, and show the Department’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion for all.

Visitors, students, and staff visiting the Department in the Manor Road building will also see the Progress Pride flag displayed at the entrance to the Department.

Non-binary American artist Daniel Quasar designed the Progress Pride flag. It adds black, brown, pink, pale blue and white stripes to the iconic rainbow flag, to represent marginalised people of colour in the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the trans community, and those living with HIV/AIDS. It is call to celebrate diversity and create a more inclusive society.

You can read more about the history of the flag here.

We first used a logo incorporating the Progress Pride design during LGBT+ History, Month in February. This initiative was well-received, and we have now decided the time is right to adopt it as a permanent feature. 

See our full statement here.

You are also welcome to tweet us at @OxfordEconDept.