Our progress pride inspired logo

The Department of Economics is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, and ensuring that everyone in our community has the opportunity to thrive in the environment we have created. We take our responsibility to guarantee that every voice is respected very seriously, and strive to ensure that our staff and students feel encouraged and supported to fulfil their potential. 

For the first time, during LGBT+ History Month (Feb 2022), the Department developed a new logo incorporating the ‘Progress Pride’ flag to mark this commitment. Our use of the ‘Progress Pride’ logo during LGBT+ History Month was well received by members of the department and visitors to the department building.

The Department has since taken the decision to adopt the Progress Pride logo as part of the main Department logo on a permanent basis (including on our website and social media accounts). The intention of adopting this logo for permanent use is to represent marginalised groups in the broadest sense possible, and show the Department’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, rather than for the Department to display support or other flags for selected groups or causes. 

We have also decided to display the Progress Pride flag year round at the entrance to the Department in the Manor Road building.
We believe that using the Progress Pride flag in this way will be welcomed as a positive and progressive move. We hope it will allow us to display solidarity with our entire community without appearing to favour particular causes. 

The permanent use of the Progress Pride logo does not mean that there is no capacity for additional activities to support events and causes endorsed by the Department and/or the wider University. However, this would not include additional flag flying.