Support for carers and families


The Department recognises caring is an important role and seeks to support staff with caring or parenting responsibilities. Caring responsibilities can affect us all, may arise without warning and may be temporary, long-term or permanent. You may have caring responsibilities for relatives, or friends, or family overseas. Or you may be trying to juggle multiple caring responsibilities.

If Department members need support, or a confidential discussion about their plans, our HR team is always ready to advise and assist.

Below we highlight key aspects of the support available:

Planning family leave 

As a starting point, there is a brief overview of the types of family leave available at the University here: Information for parents. Our Department HR team is on hand to discuss confidentially any questions that you might have around the various leave schemes. The University's policy guidance information available here, is also a useful source of information.

The Department also proudly further enhances some aspects of these benefits to support researchers including extending contracts, reducing teaching stints and extending the IPO period while transitioning back after extended periods of family leave.

Please note, staff taking adoption leave, maternity leave or shared parental leave continue to accrue annual leave and sabbatical leave entitlements, and are encouraged to consider how to factor that into their plans.


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