Research Jamboree 2023

Research Jamboree 2023

The Research Jamboree 2023 is a conference to share ideas and promote across-field and interdisciplinary research both for the benefits that broader perspectives bring to research, and also to begin establishing communities of scholars ready to apply for external research funding.

We will host five different sessions over four days in Trinity Term Week 9. Rather than comprising purely of the traditional presentation-based workshop format, there will be different forms of interaction and time for discussion and engagement. After the Friday session, we will have the end of term party, as a chance to gather and celebrate together.

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Monday 19th June - Friday 23rd June 2023
Venue: St Anne's College Oxford






The Jamboree takes place during Week 9 of Trinity Term; this is June 19-23 2023.
The Jamboree comes during exam season so it may require carefully planning of any marking you have to do. It is not expected that everyone will attend every day of the week with full participation.

After the Friday session, we will have the end of term party, as a chance to gather and celebrate together. 



Key Contacts  

 Monday 19th  (AM)

International Trade

Paola Conconi & Banu Demir 

Monday 19th (PM) Policy Alex Teytelboym 

 Tuesday 20th (AM) 

Structural Transformation and Economic Growth (STEG)

Doug Gollin

Tuesday 20th  (PM) Interface of Theory & Experiments (Day 1) Meg Meyer & Severine Toussaert
 Wednesday 21st  (AM)

Interface of Theory & Experiments (Day 2)


Meg Meyer & Severine Toussaert


Wednesday 21st  (PM) History, Development & Political Economy (Day 1) Stephen Broadberry

 Thursday 22nd  (AM)

History, Development & Political Economy (Day 2)

Stephen Broadberry

 Thursday 22nd  (PM) Macroeconomics Andrea Ferrero

 Friday 23rd (AM) 

Job Market Candidate Presentations

Martin Weidner

 Friday 23rd (PM)  

End of Year Celebration



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