OUBEP Autumn panel event

Has the labour market changed forever?

The Oxford University Business Economics Programme would like to invite you to a panel event titled 'Has the labour market changed forever?' which will be followed by a drinks reception for those attending in person.

Wednesday 26 October 2022, 4pm

Labour markets around the world have been undergoing profound changes driven by automation and globalisation. But the COVID-19 pandemic brought truly unprecedented changes to our ways of work. Will the labour market return to its pre-pandemic trends or has the pandemic irrevocably altered the trajectory of labour markets? How will workers and businesses adapt? What are the opportunities for creating new ways of working? Answers to these questions will shape societies and economies for decades to come.

The event will take place in person and online 
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Panel Moderator



Panellists for this event:



• Anna Thomas (Institute for the Future of Work)

• David Zentler-Munro (University of Essex)

• Peter Lambert (London School of Economics)



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