Macroeconomics Pathway

Macroeconomics Pathway: Monetary Economics & International Finance

Course Dates: 11 - 15th September 2022

Choose to follow the Macroeconomics Pathway, to deepen your knowledge of Macroeconomics with courses in Monetary Economics (morning session) and International Finance (afternoon session).

Or mix and match, choosing different morning or afternoon sessions from our other pathways: Applied or Econometrics.

Morning Session

Monetary Economics

Topics covered:

  • The Monetary Transmission Mechanism
  • The New Keynesian Model
  • Financial Frictions
  • Central Bank Design
  • Central Bank Communication

Afternoon Session

International Finance

Topics Covered:

  • Evidence on the Dilemma vs. Trilemma debate
  • A model for the international transmission of financial shocks
  • How should policy deal with international financial shocks?
  • The Euro Area: current account imbalances, the debt crisis, and monetary policy
  • Capital flows and inequality



Monetary Economics
International Finance