Sanjay Jain is Senior Fellow in the Department of Economics at Oxford. He has previously served on the Economics faculty at Cambridge University, the University of Virginia, as an assistant professor of Economics and International Affairs at George Washington University in Washington DC, as a lecturer at Princeton University, and was a Visiting Senior Fellow at STICERD in the London School of Economics. His research interests are in development economics, political economy, and applied microeconomic theory. Current research projects include the political economy of economic policy reform, and the effect of competition among microfinance institutions. He has served as a frequent consultant to the World Bank. He received his PhD in Economics at Princeton University, an MA in Economics at Johns Hopkins University, and a BA (Honours) in Economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University.

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Selected publications

Sanjay Jain and Sharun Mukand, “Redistributive Promises and the Adoption of Economic Reform”. American Economic Review, March 2003.

Sanjay Jain and Ghazala Mansuri, “A Little at a Time: The Use of Regularly Scheduled Repayments in Microfinance Programs”. Journal of Development Economics, October 2003.

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Sanjay Jain and Sumon Majumdar, “State Capacity, Redistributive Compensation, and the Political Economy of Economic Policy Reform”, International Review of Economics and Finance, March 2016.

Kamalini Ramdas, Ara Darzi, & Sanjay Jain, “ 'Test, re-test, re-test': using inaccurate tests to greatly increase the accuracy of COVID-19 testing”, Nature Medicine, June 2020.