The Economic History research group is part of a large and active community of economic and social historians based in Oxford. Many group members are associated with the recently established Oxford Centre for Economic and Social History (OCESH), which brings together colleagues working across different departments in Oxford to create one of the largest clusters of economic and social historians in the world. The Centre, which includes members from Economics, History, Classics and Archaeology, oversees a large graduate programme in economic and social history, as well as providing a hub for research.

Economic historians study the evolution of economies in real time. Often this requires establishing firmly the historical “facts” that are to be explained, as well as drawing on economic analysis to provide a satisfactory explanation. Research topics covered recently by group members include long run economic growth and development, the history of globalisation, the evolution of economic and financial systems, geography and human capital, institutions and technological change. Economic historians based in Oxford conduct research covering many parts of the world and a wide range of time periods.

A regular seminar series with outside speakers is organised every term jointly with economic historians in the History Faculty. The seminar generally meets Tuesdays, 5-7 pm. There is also a weekly lunchtime workshop at Nuffield College (lunch provided), in which graduate students present their work. There are reciprocal exchanges with other universities in Britain and on the continent, to provide students with greater feedback about their research and to build networks for the future. There is also a working paper series in economic and social history. Special programs to prepare doctoral students for the academic job market are organised.