Econometrics Pathway

Econometrics Pathway: Treatment Effects & Machine Learning

Course Dates: 11 - 15th September 2023

Choose to follow the Econometrics Pathway, to deepen your knowledge of Econometrics with courses in Treatment Effects (morning session) and Machine Learning (afternoon session).

Or mix and match, choosing different morning or afternoon sessions from our other pathways: Applied or Macroeconomics.

Morning Session

Treatment Effects: Beyond the Basics

You've read Mostly Harmless Econometrics, so now what?

Through a mixture of theory and substantive applications, this short course will introduce you to important issues that are typically ignored in a first course in causal inference.

Topics covered

  • Spill overs
  • Policy - relevant treatment effects
  • Studies that combine structural and reduce forms

Afternoon Session

An Introduction to the Foundations of Machine Learning

The goal of this course is to provide you with a quick but solid introduction to a theoretical foundations of machine learning.

What you'll gain from the course

  • Become critical consumers of machine learning research, including an understanding when new methods might or might not be useful for empirical work in economics
  • Develop your own research agenda around importing ideas from machine learning into economic and econometric theory
  • Be able to speak to the machine learning literature, contributing ideas from economics