WATCH! - ‘In Conversation – The economics of post-crisis recoveries’ hosted by OUBEP



OUBEP recently hosted an ‘in conversation’ between Hamish Low, Michael McMahon of the Economics Department and Managing Partner and CIO of J.Stern & Co., Chris Rossbach.
The discussion focussed on three key areas of the economic effects of the pandemic – the short-term effects of COVID, the long-term effects of COVID and lessons learned.  

The pandemic has created a world-wide recession which has exacerbated existing inequalities.  During the conversation the participants discuss this ‘deliberate’, even ‘desirable’, recession and reflect on how governments need to change in their long-term policy making in order to create a more equitable economy of the future.

‘My pessimism would be that there is going to be this scramble to get back to lower debt levels and in doing that pull the rug from under a still weak economy’

Michael McMahon

Watch the in-conversations series:

The short-term effects of COVID-19 on the economy


The long-term effects of COVID-19 on the economy


Lessons learned from the pandemic