UNIQ Summer School Economics and Management course goes live



The Economics and Management course within the UNIQ Summer School Programme began this week.  The Uniq access programme provides UK state school students from underrepresented backgrounds the opportunity to learn more about studying at Oxford and future possibilities for their education. There are over 30 courses available within the UNIQ programme. 
The Economics and Management course examines issues that are central in today’s world and both fields of study inform ideas and trends in the other. Topics covered in online lectures and seminars are varied and range from the macroeconomic impact of the coronavirus pandemic to the impact of marketing on consumerism. 
Students will attend lectures and seminars led by Oxford academics and will participate in a tutorial-style debate at the end of the week. 
Professor Christopher Bowdler said ''We are delighted to welcome a group of 60 students to the virtual EM UNIQ summer school this week. During the week students will be introduced to some of the key features of Oxford undergraduate teaching and will have the opportunity to hear about the full range of research topics covered by faculty members from the Department of Economics and the Said Business School.“ 

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To learn more about the UNIQ programme, please visit the UNIQ website.