REStud Tour 2023 – Oxford

The Department of Economics is honoured to have been chosen to host the prestigious REStud tour (formerly known as Review of Economic Studies May Meetings) on the 15th and 16th of May at Trinity College, Oxford. The schedule for the two-day conference can be found here

In May each year since its inception in 1989, some of the most promising graduating doctoral students in economics and finance in the world – known as the 'tourists' – are selected to present their research to audiences in leading economics departments across Europe. The ethos of the tour is line with the Review’s long tradition of encouraging the work of young economists.

Invited to the Oxford event will be members of our own economics community, PhD students from regional UK universities, and the REStud UK editorial board. Oxford was selected as a tour location by the REStud editorial board after standing out with a winning bid amongst many applications to host the event. The first two legs of the conference will be held by CEMFI (Madrid) and Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

The Department has had a strong relationship with the Review over many years, and is well-represented on the REStud editorial board by: Johannes Abeler (who is organising the Oxford conference), Abi Adams-Prassl, Federica Romei, Séverine Toussaert and Martin Weidner. Ludvig Sinander and Alison Andrew have both been 'tourists' in recent years (2021 and 2022 respectively).

We are very much looking forward to welcoming this year's REStud tourists to Oxford:

  • Rahul Singh (MIT) (Machine Learning): Causal inference with corrupted data: Measurement error, missing values, discretization, and differential privacy
  • Awa Ambra Seck (Harvard) (Political Economics & Government):  En Route: The French colonial army, emigration, and development in Morocco
  • Pauline Carry (CREST) (Labour Economics, Macroeconomics): The Effects of the Legal Minimum Working Time on Workers, Firms and the Labor Market
  • Giacomo Lanzani (MIT) (Economic Theory, Behavioral Economics): Dynamic Concern for Misspecification
  • Agathe Pernoud (Standford) (Microeconomic Theory): How Competition Shapes Information in Auctions
  • Cuimin Ba (Penn) (Microeconomic Theory, Behavioural Economics): Robust Misspecified Models and Paradigm Shifts


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