OUBEP Events Series Celebrates 101 years of Economics teaching at Oxford

This academic year marks the 101 anniversary of teaching economics at the University of Oxford.

As part of our celebration, The University of Oxford's Business Economics Programme (OUBEP) and the Department of Economics are running an “Econ101” lecture series on the “Data Economy”. This topic poses a range of complex economic and regulatory challenges. Through this series, we hope to inform you about the economics of the data economy.


Lectures in the series:


  • 'The Economics of Personal Data' - Catherine Tucker- February 2022
  • 'Economics of Privacy' - Ole Jann - March 2022
  • 'The Economics of Cryptocurrencies' - Eric Budish - April 2022
  • 'Energy Suppliers, Cane Toads and Regulatory Interventions' - Joe Perkins - May 2022
  • Digital Platforms: Competition and Regulation - Fabien Curto Millet - June 2022