New expert seminar series to explore economics of post-crisis recoveries

The Oxford University Business Economics Programme (OUBEP) is pleased to announce a new online seminar series on the ‘Economics of post-crisis recoveries’.

After the challenges of 2020, OUBEP is starting the year with an optimistic outlook by helping to understand what the road to recovery looks like. Experts will be addressing big issues like globalisation and green growth, and bringing cutting-edge research to business leaders to inform their strategy in what will be an uncertain and evolving context.

At OUBEP seminars, economic experts from Oxford University and beyond present new research and the latest insights that attendees can use to help create impact within their own organisations.

Each lecture lasts around 45 minutes and is followed by a 15-minute Q&A session with the speaker. This series will take place between 22 January and 18 June 2021.

Sponsored by investment partnership J Stern & Co., these seminars follow on from OUBEP’s successful ‘Economics of a pandemic’ series. This new series looks at the potential paths to recovery post-pandemic and asks some key questions:

  • How have economies recovered from severe downturns in the past? And why might it be different this time?
  • Will globalisation turn into nationalism?
  • Is there a green lining of the pandemic cloud? What are the chances of green growth going forward?
  • The pandemic forced many changes on businesses and individuals: how have people reacted to forced experimentation in the past, and what will stick from the current pandemic?

The first lecture will take place on 22 January and will be on the subject of ‘Globalisation post-COVID’. Beata Javorcik, Chief Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, will explore questions including whether the pandemic has reduced global interdependency and whether we will see a resurgence of nationalism.

Other topics in the series are:

  • Monetary policy during COVID
  • Fiscal policy and the national debt going forward
  • Forced experimentation and expectations
  • Green growth out of the crisis
  • This time it’s different: crisis in the past and the current pandemic

Nick, an independent consultant who attended the previous series on the economics of COVID-19, said: ‘Following the excellent “Economics of a Pandemic” series, I was pleasantly surprised to be offered yet another series of lectures with outstanding insight. The quality of the speakers was first rate – all top researchers from different corners of the world, bringing new perspective. I particularly valued the quality of the data presented, which led to unavoidable and indisputable conclusions. It was positive and gratifying to see that progress is being made to reduce inequalities, but we must all acknowledge that there is much still to be done.’

Visit the OUBEP website for full details about the ‘Economics of post-crisis recoveries’ series, including pricing for individuals and corporations.