Business Fellowship awarded to John Downie

We are incredibly proud to announce that on account of his outstanding contributions to the Department, John Downie has been awarded with a Business Fellowship from the Department of Economics, Oxford University. 


John is a Senior Managing Director in Accenture’s Resources division, and currently also serves as Accenture’s Global Energy Industry Lead. John’s relationship with the Department began in 2014 through OUBEP (Oxford University’s Business Economics Programme). OUBEP focuses on business leaders seeking to enhance their understanding of rigorous economic theory and its practical applications for addressing current business challenges and shaping strategic decisions. Additionally, OUBEP offers free scholarship places on its summer programme specifically for individuals from the NGO sectors and the third sector, ensuring accessibility to valuable economic insights for those contributing to social causes.

John was elected to be Chair of OUBEP’s Steering Committee in 2018; through his expert strategy and leadership, John has shaped and developed OUBEP into the outstanding programme it is today running a summer residential programme, tailored programmes, diversity days, alumni events and sponsoring yearly graduate scholarships for the Department.

It is because of John that OUBEP has had the opportunity to develop bespoke tailored programmes on ‘The Economics of Climate Change’, ‘The Economics of Climate Change and Biodiversity’, and ‘The Economics of AI’ which will begin in early 2024. With John’s support, ‘The Economics of Climate Change’ has run multiple conducts in which senior leaders in Accenture have learned about the economic impacts of climate change, energy transition, and sustainable finance. More than 200 Accenture consultants have been through this programme and have taken their training in rigorous and relevant economics to support their worldwide clients tackle the critical issues of climate change and sustainability.

More than his involvement with OUBEP, John is a true friend to the whole Department and has spearheaded our recent strategy for development, fundraising and outreach. In 2022, John enabled the department to make key networking connections through his support in a series of development dinners. John was the driving force behind inviting connections to these dinners to encourage them to engage with the Department and to strengthen the Department’s connections with the Business sector.

It is without doubt, that John’s positive impact on the Department of Economics has developed and strengthened us, and we are immeasurably grateful for his leadership and expert guidance. It is with immense pride that we invite John to be our first Business Fellow and recognise him for the support and wisdom he has provide to the department. We hope that it will continue to be a lasting relationship – thank you John.