Federica Romei receives UKRI Frontier Research Guarantee Funding



The Department of Economics is pleased to announce that Associate Professor Federica Romei has chosen to stay in Oxford to conduct her research project 'Heterogeneous Actors in Heterogeneous Countries' from October 2022.

Federica’s project proposal was reviewed and approved under the European Research Council Starting Grant scheme. However, since the UK have not yet signed the association agreement with Horizon Europe, like other UK-based awardees, Federica could choose to either move to an ERC-funding eligible country or to stay in the UK and receive matching funding from the UKRI.

Considering Federica’s long-lasting professional links with our Department and the suitable infrastructure and support that we offer, Federica chose to stay at Oxford and receive funding under the UKRI guarantee scheme.

We're delighted that Oxford was Dr Romei’s first choice for her project, and will continue to support her in her research.