Astor Visiting Lectureship awarded to facilitate research visits for scholars from the US

The Department of Economics is very pleased to announce that the Astor Board has recently granted approval to three noteworthy nominations from our Department for the Astor Visiting Lectureship. These nominations, strategically designed to foster collaborative research and intellectual exchange, have been awarded to distinguished scholars for research visits scheduled to occur before the conclusion of the academic year 2025/26.


The recipients of the Astor Visiting Lectureship are:

Prof. David Yang (Harvard University)

Proposed by: Noam Yutchman

Prof. Andrew Bernard (Tuck School of Business)

Proposed by: Paola Conconi and Banu Demir

Prof. Gianluca Violante (Princeton University)

Proposed by: Sergio de Ferra


Each of these scholars has been carefully chosen based on their outstanding contributions to their respective fields, and the Astor Board has authorized a 7-day visit for each nominee.

This initiative not only acknowledges the outstanding achievements of the selected scholars but also underscores the commitment of the Astor Board and the Department to advancing scholarly collaboration and pushing the boundaries of research. The Department looks forward to welcoming them soon.

The Astor Travel Fund was established in 1984 following a gift to the University from the William Waldorf Astor Foundation, which was ceasing operation. The purpose of the gift was to enable the University to continue one of the principal activities of the foundation by providing grants to senior members of the University’s academic staff to enable them to visit laboratories, hospitals, libraries, and similar institutions in the United States. This initiative aims to enhance or facilitate their research and teaching efforts, enabling the University to invite distinguished scholars and scientists from the United States to visit the University in order to lecture and carry out research. The Astor Travel Fund has since played a crucial role in fostering international collaboration and enriching the academic experience for both faculty and visiting scholars.