A successful year for Oxford in the Job Market

Despite the evidently ongoing effects of the pandemic, doctoral students and postdoctoral research fellows in the Department of Economics have been praised for securing 'impressive academic positions' in the 2021/22 Job Market.

Our students and research fellows have successfully gained positions at organisations including KU Leuven University, CREI Barcelona and Peking University HSBC Business School.

2021-22 Job Placement Officer Ferdinand Rauch, Associate Professor in Economics and Tutorial Fellow at Brasenose College, said this year's Job Market was 'a success for Oxford'.

Ferdinand also commented that it was clear the academic job market in 2021-22 continued to be affected by the global pandemic, with the number of jobs for PhD economists having improved since 2020, but still falling below 2019 levels, which follows a global trend [1].

He added: 'Our DPhil students and Postdocs managed to get impressive research and policy positions at prestigious universities, influential organisations, and in the private sector.'

Ferdinand noted that the placement record this year included four tenure-track research positions at universities:

‘I would like to congratulate the DPhil students and postdocs on their great job placements,' added Ferdinand.

Take a look at the Job placements page to see where our doctoral students and postdoctoral research fellows have been appointed.


[1] Cawley, J, M Gentzkow, B Helppie-McFall, P Rousseau, W Stock, "Information on Labor Supply in Economics Ph.D. Job Market", (December 2021) AEA communication, https://www.aeaweb.org/joe/communications/labor-supply-memo-12-9-2021.