The department has around 50 members of established academic staff – Professors and Associate Professors of Economics – and approximately 20 Postdoctoral and Early Career Fellows.  We have an Administrative Team of 18, providing support for research and teaching, HR, finance and communications. Opportunities come up regularly in all three categories.

There are current or forthcoming opportunities in several types of academic position:

  • Two or more Nuffield Postdoctoral Research Fellowships are advertised every September and October, with interviews taking place at the end of October or in November.
  • Between two and five Associate Professorships are advertised each year in October and November. These positions are usually associated with a Tutorial Fellowship in one of the colleges. In 2019-20 we expect that interviews will take place in January. 
  • We are currently searching for candidates for Statutory Professorships – our most senior academic posts. We have one vacancy at present, and expect further vacancies to arise soon.

Follow the links below for specifications of these and other typical academic positions:

  • Tenure-track and tenured positions

Statutory Professorships 

  • Fixed term positions


mAKING Contact

We are always interested in hearing from potential candidates for academic or administrative roles at all levels. If you are interested in joining the department, we encourage you to get in touch and send a copy of your CV to

Our Academic Search Group is searching actively throughout the year for potential applicants for Associate Professorships, and can arrange exploratory visits to the department, or to meet applicants at the European or US Job Market meetings (Rotterdam in December 2019 and San Diego in January 2020).  If you would like to contact informally the Academic Search Group, please email Hamish Low at, attaching a copy of your CV.

Our Academic Search Group is searching actively throughout the year for potential applicants for Associate Professorships, and can arrange exploratory visits to the department. We will also be conducting interviews at the European Job Market meeting at Rotterdam in December 2019.  If you would like to make contact informally with the head of department, Simon Cowan, please email him at


Working with us

We are one of the largest and most diverse groups of academic economists in Europe. We aim to provide a supportive and stimulating working environment for all academic staff, administrative staff, students and academic visitors.

The research activity of the Department is broad-based, and we aim to produce first-class research outcomes across a range of areas, rather than specialising in particular sub-fields. Academics work within small and focused research groups, which provide active support for Department members to facilitate the development of high-quality research. Each group is convened by a senior member of the Department who is responsible for coordinating group activities, including regular workshops and seminars.

The Department’s seminar programme is incredibly active, with up to 17 different seminars and workshops running each week. Seminars provide a platform for researchers to present their research and obtain valuable feedback, as well as an opportunity to discuss the latest high-quality research in their specialised areas. Distinguished researchers from outside Oxford also visit us on a weekly basis to present their work at our seminar series.



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