Working Papers Economic and Social History

Working Papers

Russian Real Wages Before and After 1917: in Global Perspective

Author(s): Robert Allen, Ekaterina Khaustova

Aug 2017 | Ref: 158

Toddlers, teenagers & terminal heights: The determinants of adult male stature Flanders 1800-76

Author(s): Ewout Depauw & Deborah Oxley

May 2017 | Ref: 157

Japan and the Great Divergence, 730-1874

Author(s): Stephen Noel Broadberry, Jean-Pascal Bassino, Kyoji Fukao, Bishnupriya Gupta, Masanori Takashima

Apr 2017 | Ref: 156

China, Europe and the Great Divergence: A Study in Historical National Accounting, 980-1850

Author(s): Stephen Noel Broadberry, Hanhui Guan and David Daokui Li

Apr 2017 | Ref: 155

Growing, Shrinking and Long Run Economic Performance: Historical Perspectives on Economic Development

Author(s): Stephen Noel Broadberry, John Wallis

Apr 2017 | Ref: 154

Real Wages and Skill Premiums during Economic Development in Latin America

Author(s): Pablo Astorga Junquera

Mar 2017 | Ref: 153

When Britain turned inward: Protection and the shift towards Empire in interwar Britain

Author(s): Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke, Alan de Bromhead, Alan Fernihough, Markus Lampe

Feb 2017 | Ref: 152

Heights Across the Last 2000 Years in England

Author(s): Gregori Galofré-Vilà, Andrew Hinde and Aravinda Guntupalli

Jan 2017 | Ref: 151

Independent Ireland in Comparative Perspective

Author(s): Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke

Jan 2017 | Ref: 150

The Market Turn: From Social Democracy to Market Liberalism

Author(s): Avner Offer

Jan 2017 | Ref: 149

Rethinking Age-heaping, a Cautionary Tale From Nineteenth Century Italy

Author(s): Brian A'Hearn, Alexia Delfino, Alessandro Nuvolari

Oct 2016 | Ref: Paper 148

Unreal Wages? A New Empirical Foundation for the Study of Living Standards and Economic Growth in England, 1260-1860

Author(s): Jane Humphries, Jacob Weisdorf

Sep 2016 | Ref: Paper 147

Revising England's Social Tables Once Again

Author(s): Robert Allen

Jul 2016 | Ref: 146

Spinning the Industrial Revolution

Author(s): Jane Humphries, Benjamin Schneider

Jun 2016 | Ref: 145

On Historical Household Budgets

Author(s): Brian A'Hearn, Nicola Amendola,Giovanni Vecchi

Jun 2016 | Ref: 144

Perception vs Reality: How Does The British Electorate Evaluate Economic Performance of Incumbent Governments In The Post War Period?

Author(s): Jonathon M. Clegg

Mar 2016 | Ref: 143

The Hand-Loom Weaver and the Power Loom: A Schumpeterian Perspective

Author(s): Robert Allen

Mar 2016 | Ref: 142a

Absolute Poverty: When Necessity Displaces Desire

Author(s): Robert Allen

Mar 2016 | Ref: 141

Achieving the American Dream: Cultural Distance, Cultural Diversity and Economic Performance

Author(s): Valeria Rueda, Guillaume Laval, Etienne Patin

Feb 2016 | Ref: 140

Economic Impossibilities For Our Grandchildren?

Author(s): Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke

Dec 2015 | Ref: 139

To Claim or Not Claim? Friendly Societies In New Zealand, 1879-1884

Author(s): Arthur Downing

Jul 2015 | Ref: Number 138

Land Access Inequality and Education in Pre-Industrial Spain

Author(s): Julio Martinez-Galarraga; Francisco Beltrán Tapia

Jun 2015 | Ref: Number 137

Feast or Famine: The Welfare Impact of Food Price Controls in Nazi Germany

Author(s): Robin Winkler

May 2015 | Ref: Number 136

Functional Inequality in Latin America: News from the Twentieth Century

Author(s): Pablo Astorga

Apr 2015 | Ref: Number 135

Indices of House Prices and Rent Prices of Residential Property in London, 1895-1939

Author(s): Luke Samy

Apr 2015 | Ref: Number 134