I am a Nuffield Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in economics at the University of Oxford. I am currently on the job-market and will be interviewing at the AEA meetings in Philadelphia, the RES meetings in London, and the SAE meetings in Barcelona.

My Job Market Paper, "Persuasion for the Long Run", has just received a revise and resubmit decision at the Journal of Political Economy.

My primary research area is microeconomic theory and information economics. In particular, I explore the dynamic impact of information asymmetries, acquisition and communication. I do this in micro, macro and finance settings. I have recently run an experiment testing the theoretical results of one of my papers.

I have also done theoretical and empirical work on how parental and inter-sibling data can be used to understand the causes of inequality and intergenerational mobility.

Paper: Persuasion for the Long Run

Areas of Expertise: Primary Field: Microeconomic Theory, Economics of Information, Economic Dynamics.

Secondary Fields: Macroeconomic Theory, Finance, Econometrics.Download Paper