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Ashournia, Damoun

Job Market Paper Labour Market of Effects of International Trade when Mobility is Costly

Areas of Expertise: International Economics, Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics

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Chen, Si

Job Market Paper Information and Dynamic Trading with Gambler's Fallacy

Areas of Expertise: Financial Economics, Behavioural Economics

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Duran, Rustu

Job Market Paper Ordinal Sampling-Based Procedures

Areas of Expertise: Industrial Organization, Behavioural Economics, Game Theory


Grassi, Basile

Job Market Paper IO in I-O: Competition and Volatility in Input-Output Networks

Areas of Expertise: Macroeconomics, Firm Dynamics

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Heldring, Leander

Job Market Paper Violence and the State: Evidence from Rwanda’s ‘Decade of Atrocities’

Areas of Expertise: Economic Development, Economic History, Political Economy

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Howard, Emma

Job Market Paper Measuring industry coagglomeration and identifying the driving forces

Areas of Expertise: Development Economics, Industrial Organisation, Network Analysis

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Jiao, Peiran

Job Market Paper Payoff-Based Belief Distortion

Areas of Expertise: Behavioural Economics and Finance, Experimental Economics and Finance

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Klimenka, Filip

Job Market Paper Focused Shrinkage Estimators for the Global Minimum Variance Portfolio

Areas of Expertise: Econometrics, Finance

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Nath, Rahul

Job Market Paper Asset Pricing in a New Keynesian Model with Nominal Price and Wage Rigidities

Areas of Expertise: Macroeconomics, Macroeconomic Theory, Macro-Finance, Asset Pricing

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Redlicki, Jakub

Job Market Paper What Drives Regimes to Manipulate Information: Criticism, Collective Action, and Coordination*

Areas of Expertise: Microeconomic Theory, especially economics of information and incentives, and political economy.

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Shure, Dominique (Nikki)

Job Market Paper School Hours and Maternal Labor Supply: A Natural Experiment from Germany

Areas of Expertise: Labour Economics, Education Economics, Public Economics

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Singh, Abhijeet

Job Market Paper Learning More with Every Year: School year Productivity and International Learning Gaps

Areas of Expertise: Development Economics, Labour Economics, Public Economics

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Teytelboym, Alexander

Job Market Paper Refugee Resettlement

Areas of Expertise: Applied Microeconomic Theory, Market Design, Economics of Networks, Environmental Economics

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Veiga, Andre

Job Market Paper The Impact of Price Discrimination inMarkets with Adverse Selection

Areas of Expertise: Selection Markets, Insurance, Health Economics

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Xu, Wen

Job Market Paper Testing for the Stable Relationship in High-Dimensional Factor Models

Areas of Expertise: Econometric Theory and Applications

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