I am a post-doctoral researcher (Departmental Lecturer) in Development Economics. 

I am on the 2017/18 academic job market and I will be available for meetings in London (RES), Philadelphia (ASSA) and Barcelona (SAEe).

In my research, I investigate how to make labour markets more inclusive and more efficient, using experimental and structural methods. My job market paper studies whether labour market frictions can prevent firms from hiring talented workers. In previous projects, I have explored the effects of active labour market policies for workers in Ethiopia and the dynamics of network formation among farmers in India.


Selected Working Papers

 The Selection of Talent: Experimental and Structural Evidence from Ethiopia.

with Girum Abebe and Esteban Ortiz-Ospina



Can People Share Information Efficiently?

with Marcel Fafchamps

R&R Economic Journal


Anonymity or Distance? Job Search and Labour Market Exclusion in a Growing African City.

with Girum Abebe, Paolo Falco, Marcel Fafchamps, Simon Franklin, Simon Quinn

Under review



Expectations, Network Centrality and Public Good Contributions: Experimental Evidence from India.

with Marcel Fafchamps

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Forthcoming.


Does the Risk of Poverty Reduce Happiness?

with Paolo Falco

Economic Development and Cultural Change, Forthcoming.

Paper: The Selection of Talent: Experimental and Structural Evidence from Ethiopia

Areas of Expertise: Primary fields: Development economics; Applied microeconomics.

Secondary fields: Labour economics; Behavioural and experimental economics.Download Paper