Daniela Scur is a job market candidate in 2017-2018, and recently completed her PhD in Economics in this department (2017). She is currently a Research Fellow at the Blavatnik School of Government in Oxford. Daniela studies organizations and how organizational practices affect productivity and labour outcomes. Her research field is applied microeconomics, with a focus on emerging economies and developing countries. More specifically, her areas of research include organizational practices and productivity across sectors (manufacturing and education), ownership structures and establishment organization, quality of management and labour markets. 

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Nick Bloom (Stanford), John Van Reenen (MIT), Simon Quinn (Oxford), Clare Leaver (Oxford)

International Data on Measuring Management Practices, 2016. American Economic Association – Papers & Proceedings
with Nick Bloom, Renata Lemos, Raffaella Sadun and John Van Reenen

The New Empirical Economics of Management, 2014. Journal of the European Economic Association, 12(4)
with Nick Bloom, Renata Lemos, Raffaella Sadun and John Van Reenen

Paper: All in the family? CEO choice and firm organization

Areas of Expertise: Labor and Demographic Economics, Industrial Organization, Business Administration and Business Economics, Economic Development, Applied Microeconomics, Firm DynamicsDownload Paper