Congratulations to Petr Sedlacek who has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Our congratulations to Petr Sedlacek who has been awarded a 2018 ERC Starting Grant for research on Entrepreneurs, Firms and the Macroeconomy.

Further information about the ERC starting grants and 2018 winners can be found here:

Petr Sedlacek' abstract can also be viewed below:

This research agenda focuses on the nexus of entrepreneurs, firms and the macroeconomy. It will use detailed micro data on firms from several countries to study the vast differences among businesses in terms of their growth and survival. Understanding the origins and consequences of firm growth and survival will allow us the address current key policy questions. How does rising income and wealth inequality impact the macroeconomy by affecting choices to start new firms? How can policy promote the founding of high-growth firms, which are less plentiful in Europe compared to the U.S.? Or what consequences do policies promoting entrepreneurship have on workers?