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Pricing carbon under economic and climatic risks: leading-order results from asymptotic analysis (2017). With Ton van den Bremer.

Should pollution taxes be targeted at income redistribution? (2017). With Bas Jacobs. [OxCarreRP2017191]

The shifting natural wealth of nations: the role of market orientation (2017). [oxcarrerp2016180] Revised version of Shifting frontiers in global resource extraction: the role of policies and institutions, International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C. (2016). With Rabah Arezki and Fred Toscanini. [ceprdp11553]

Climate policy with declining discount rates in a multi-region world – Back-on-the-envelope calculations, presented at the High Level Seminar ‘The Energy Transition, NDCs and the Post-COP21’, OCP Policy Centre and IMF, Marrakesh, 8-9 September (2016). With Armon Rezai.

Political economy of dynamic resource wars (2012, revised 2015). [oxcarrerp201297.pdf]

Stranded assets, the social cost of carbon, and directed technical change: macro dynamics of optimal climate policy, CESifo Working Paper No. 5787 (2015). With Armon Rezai. CESifoWPwp_id=19195460 Updated version: [ oxcarrerp2016176 ]

Non-cooperative and cooperative climate policies with anticipated breakthrough technology (2016). With Niko Jaakkola. [oxcarrerp2017190.pdf ]

The simple arithmetic of carbon pricing and stranded assets (2016). With Armon Rezai.

Partisan cycles and natural resource management (2016). With Alex Schmitt.

Why are carbon taxes put off? Political economy of dithering (2016).

Breakthrough renewables and the Green Paradox, Research Paper 91, OxCarre, Oxford (2012). [oxcarrerp201291]

From Dutch disease to Dutch prudence: natural resource rents and fiscal sustainability in the Netherlands (2012). With T.S. van den Bremer and G. Schotten.