Faculty Advisors

Steve Bond

External facuLty advisor 

Brian Bell


I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at the University of Oxford.

My research interests are applied microeconomics, labor economics, and entrepreneurship. I am particularly interested in the role that firms play in the labor market, and in the economic effects of firm creation. My job market paper studies the earnings prospects of employees at young firms.

I am on the academic job market in 2017/18 and will be available for interviews in Barcelona (SAEe), London (RES), and Philadelphia (ASSA/AFA).

Before graduate school, I spent 11 years in investment banking, working in risk management, credit ratings advisory, treasury, and regulatory roles in London and New York.


Working Papers:

"Risky Business? Earnings Prospects of Employees at Young Firms"

"The Mightier, the Stingier: Firms' Market Power, Capital Intensity, and the Labor Share of Income"

"Pension Shocks and Wages" (with Brian Bell)


Paper: Risky Business? Earnings Prospects of Employees at Young Firms

Areas of Expertise: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, EntrepreneurshipDownload Paper