Past Events

Fri, 07 Jul 2017


American–European Health Economics Study Group - II Edition Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

Speaker(s): Amitabh Chandra (Harvard), Richard Hobbs (Oxford), Anthony LoSasso (Illinois-Chicago), Carol Propper (Imperial College), Marcos Vera-Hernández (UCL).

Series:External Events

Thu, 22 Jun 2017


Welfare-to-work programmes, child welfare and child outcome

Speaker(s): Marianne Bruins

Series: Department of Economics Seminars

Fri, 16 Jun 2017


Second-Order Induction, the Importance of Precedents, and Divergence of Opinions

Speaker(s): Rosella Argenziano, Essex

Series: Nuffield Economic Theory Seminars


The Rise of Female Labor Force Participation and Changes in the Wage Structure: Evidence from Structural Estimates in Mexico.

Speaker(s): Manuel Fernandez Sierra, Gorman Supervisor: Professor Steve Bond

Series: Gorman Student Research Workshops in Economics

Thu, 15 Jun 2017


Professor Philip Howard's Inaugural Lecture: Is Social Media Killing Democracy? Computational Propaganda, Algorithms, Automation and Public Life

Speaker(s): Professor Philip Howard, Oxford Internet Institute

Series:External Events


Financial Includsion and Welfare in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Speaker(s): Elizabeth Nanziri, University of Oxford

Series: Department of Economics Seminars

Wed, 14 Jun 2017


Giving the Future A Chance

Speaker(s): Elke U. Weber, Princeton University

Series:External Events


The power to protect: bargaining and female condom use

Speaker(s): Karlijn Morsink

Series: CSAE Research Workshops


Oxcarre Lunchtime Seminar: Title TBC

Speaker(s): Gerhard Toews

Series: OxCarre Seminar Series

Tue, 13 Jun 2017


What drives Spanish FDI outflows? A spatial panel approach for pre-crisis and crisis periods

Speaker(s): Paula Gutiérrez Portilla

Series: International Trade Workshops


Who Benefits From Productivity Growth? The Local and Aggregate Impacts of Local TFP Shocks on Wages, Rents, and Inequality

Speaker(s): Enrico Moretti, University of California, Berkeley

Series: International Trade seminar


Upgrade slums or invest before they form? Evidence from Tanzania

Speaker(s): Guy Michaels, London School of Economics

Series: CSAE Lunchtime Seminars


The New Keynesian IS Curve in a Small Open Economy: An Empirical Investigation

Speaker(s): Leandro Magnusson, University of Western Australia

Series: Macroeconomics Working Group


Reputation and Information Aggregation

Speaker(s): Sergey Stepanov, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Series: Nuffield Economic Theory Workshop


Applied Microeconomics Workshop

Series: Applied Microeconomics Workshop