Professor Emeritus John Knight is a development economist who has conducted research on African countries and, increasingly, on China – the most interesting economy in the world. His research interests in a long Oxford career have included education, labour markets, inequality, growth, and happiness.

His most recent book is China’s Remarkable Economic Growth, OUP, 2012. A previous book (Towards a Labour Market in China, OUP, 2005) received the Richard A. Lester Prize, awarded at Princeton University, for ‘the outstanding book in labor economics and industrial relations published in 2005’. Recently published journal articles: 'Is happiness infectious?', Scottish Journal of Political Economy. 64, 1, February, 2017: 1-24 (with Ramani Gunatilaka);  ‘China’s expansion of higher education: the labor market consequences of a supply shock’, China Economic Review, 43, 2017: 127-41 (with Deng Quheng and Li Shi), ‘Fair and unfair inequality in China’, Economic and Political Studies, 5, 3, 2017: 256-65; ‘China’s evolving inequality’, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 4, November, 2017. Rural-urban migration and happiness in China, World Happinesse Report 2018, online, 2018: 67-88 (with Ramani Gunatilaka); ‘Does China overinvest? Evidence from a panel of Chinese firms’, The European Journal of Finance , 25, 6, 2019:489-507 (with Sai Ding and Xiao Zhang). Current research projects: Increasing inequality of wealth in China in the twenty-first century; South Africa, China and the Lewis model; China’s fall in rural happiness.