Oxford University has one of the strongest, largest, and most varied groups of economists in the world. This is reflected in the diversity of our research which covers virtually every aspect of modern economic analysis and its applications. Research activity within the Department is focused within smaller, specialised groups. Each group holds regular workshops at which research by faculty and graduate students are presented and discussed; many distinguished researchers from outside Oxford also visit us to present their work at seminars.

Alongside the research groups, the Department is home to a number of specialized economics research centres.

 Results of the Research Excellence Framework 2014 announced

Oxford Economics is ranked first in term of overall research strength with more research ranked as world-leading than other institution.

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Research Highlights


Economic History

Economic historians study the evolution of economies in real time. Research topics include the causes of economic development and underdevelopment, the evolution of the international economic and financial systems, the history of slavery, labour markets, demography, economic institutions, and technology. Research is conducted on most parts of the world and most time periods.

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Oxford Institute for Global Economic Development (OxIGED)

The Oxford Institute for Global Economic Development (OxIGED) at the University of Oxford is an integrating institution for the economic analysis of development and the global economy. The University of Oxford has world class research strength in both development economics and international economics. The aim of OxIGED is ...Read more