The Department is seeking funding for the following priorities.

Scholarships for Postgraduate Students.

The Department's postgraduate programmes are internationally recognized for the excellence of the training and scholarship provided.  Our graduates have progressed to positions in academic and in the private and public sector and can be found making a contribution in many different parts of the world.

If Oxford is to maintain its position as one of the world's leading research departments in Economics then it is essential that it continue to attract outstanding students for its graduate programmes. As a university department, our financial resources are limited, and we are not well-placed to offer the levels of financial support available in many of the leading North American and European institutions. Lack of funding is the main reason why well-qualified applicants reject offers of a place on our graduate programmes.

We are seeking to rectify this situation by raising funds to enable us to provide all outstanding young scholars accepted by the University with the financial support necessary for them to complete their postgraduate studies. Postgraduate study is expensive - it costs on average £29,000 per year including university and college fees and maintenance - but the investment yields substantial returns to the individual, the institution and to society as a whole.

You can support briliant scholarship, life-changing research and expand the circle of educational opportunity to the most talented scholars by funding postgraduates students in the Department of Economics.  For further information: Supporting postgraduate study

Postdoctoral  Research Fellowships.

Maintining our strength in research and teaching relies on our ability to attract the very best young academics to Oxford. The Department's Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme enables outstanding young scolars to develop and establish their vcareers within a first-class research institution, with mentoring and support from eminent scholars in their chosen field. The Postdoctoral Research Fellowships attract early-career researchers form leading academic institutions worldwide. Their presence has contributed to a vibrant research environment with an extensive programme of research seminars and more informal workshops and meetings.  Many of our Postdoctoral Fellos have progressed to permanent positions in top-ranked economics departments across the world including Cambridge, Harvard, LSE and Stockholm.

Endowment of Senior Positions.

If we are to maintain Oxford’s position at the forefront of economics research and provide research leadership for the next generation of economists then it is essential that we recruit and retain senior faculty of the highest calibre. Financial support for senior appointments plays a vital role in enabling Oxford to compete in a challenging global market, and we ask anyone who is interested in assisting to contact Lara Stanley at