Degree: Ph.D., University of Minnesota

College: St Antony's


Tel.: +44 (1865) 281832

Office: Department of International Development, Queen Elizabeth House, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford

Website: Personal Website

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Douglas Gollin

Professor of Development Economics

Research Interests

Development, growth, productivity, agriculture, technology adoption, transport and transaction costs

My research focuses broadly on economic development and growth. I have particular interests in agricultural productivity and the impacts of agricultural technologies, both at a micro and a macro level. My recent work has focused on the structural transformation that economies undergo during the growth process. Among the questions posed in my recent research:

• Why do there appear to be such large gaps in productivity levels across sectors?
• How do these productivity gaps relate to disparities in productivity across countries?
• What explains the persistence of sectoral productivity gaps?
• What accounts for the ubiquity and persistence of self-employment and household enterprise in poor countries?
• How do the spatial dimensions of agricultural production interact with non-trivial transport costs to drive patterns of economic activity.

I also maintain a strong interest in agricultural technology adoption and its impacts. At present, I chair the Standing Panel on Impact Assessment of the CGIAR, the global network of public agricultural research programs targeted to the problems of the developing world.

Working papers: