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A'Hearn, Brian

Fellow and Tutor in Economics, Pembroke College

Abeler, Johannes

Associate Professor in Economics

Allen, Robert

Professor of Economic History

Anand, Sudhir

Professor of Economics

Armstrong, Mark

Professor of Economics; Director of Graduate Studies


Beggs, Alan

University Lecturer in Economics

Bell, Brian

Associate Professor in Economics

Bhattacharya, Debopam

Associate Professor in Economics

Bond, Steve

Senior Research Fellow, Nuffield College

Bowdler, Christopher

Associate Professor in Economics

Browning, Martin

Professor of Economics, Head of Department


Corbett, Jenny

Reader in the Economy of Japan

Cowan, Simon GB

Associate Professor in Economics; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Crawford, Ian

Professor of Economics, Senior Research Fellow

Crawford, Vincent

Drummond Professor of Political Economy, Fellow of the British Academy


Davis, Christopher Mark

Reader in Command and Transition Economics (jointly with the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies)


Ellison, Martin

Professor of Economics

Eso, Peter

Reader in Economics; Job Placement Officer

Esteves, Rui

Associate Professor in Economics


Fenske, James

Associate Professor in Economic History

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