Degree: Ph.D., Yale University

College: University College

Email: sujoy.mukerji@economics.ox.ac.uk

Tel.: 01865 281288

Office: Rm 2136 (Phase II, 2nd floor)
Manor Road Building Oxford OX1 3UQ

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Sujoy Mukerji

Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Theories of decision making under uncertainty, in particular, the theory and applications of ambiguity aversion; theory of games, information and contracts.

Summary: My research has primarily been on decision making under ambiguity, its foundations, and its relevance in economic contexts. My broader research interests lie in the intersection of bounded rationality and economic theory, Recently, with co-authors Peter Klibanoff and Massimo Marinacci, I’ve worked on formulating a new model of decision making under ambiguity, dubbed the “Smooth Ambiguity Model” which is more comprehensive than the “first-generation” models and allows the modeller to address a far greater range of important comparative static questions. We have, very recently, extended the framework to accommodate dynamic decision making set ups and applied it the analyses of financial decision making, re-exploring among other things the famous equity premium puzzle.

New paper:
R. Cubitt, G. v. d. Kuilen and S. Mukerji: "Discriminating between Models of Ambiguity
Attitude: A Qualitative Test." https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10920111/CubittvdKuilenMukerji%282013%29.pdf


  • MPhil Advanced Microeconomics: Chooice under Uncertainty
  • MPhil Behavioural Economics
  • UG Microeconomic theory (Convenor)